Astonishing Consulting Careers Master Class

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Course Description 

Consulting careers are multiple jobs. And while you’re focused on today’s client, project or partnership, you must also manage your business and plan for tomorrow. Building relationships, balancing work & life, using the right tools to manage your business and your client work all takes practice, precision and dedication.  Every consultant has a process that clearly defines the practice, usually an expertise developed over several years. We’re here to share our knowledge, lessons learned and hopefully, save you a few hours of sweat and tears along the way. 


Course Objectives 

Upon completion of the Astonishing Consulting Careers Master Class you will have: 

  • A good understanding of the challenges and opportunities involved in building your consulting career.
  • A strong understanding of the tools you need to manage client work and your business.
  • Confidence in your consulting career roadmap, networks and partnerships.


    Week One: Why 

    • Discover Your WHY – what motivates you to begin this journey
    • Establish your vision – set expectations and targets for the long term vision
    • Define your niche – what sets you apart from everyone else


    Week Two: Making the Shift 

    • Things to consider for a smooth transition from employee to independent consultant
    • CEED: Center for Entrepreneur Education & Development (Guest Speaker)
    • Money – what are my options?
    • When to incorporate?


    Week Three: Managing Your Business 

    • Visibility – the value of your website and key considerations as you hire or build out that tool
    • Promotion – key considerations for marketing, social media platforms, messaging & content
    • Budget, Bills & Earnings – tips and tools for keeping money-in & money-out clearly organized
    • Paying yourself (Guest Speaker)


      Week Four: How to Work and Act as a Consultant 

      • Landing a client – tips and recommendations for building a relationship, maintaining connection and landing a deal
      • How not to over or under bill a client
      • Lessons about working with the client team
      • Getting the job done no matter what
      • Time sheeting to clearly describe how you are spending your time and their money
      • Billing/invoicing your client with tact and professionalism
      • What to do, and not do, if remittance is delayed


        Week Five: Integrated Tools that Save Time and Money! 

        • Document management tips and tools
        • Activity tracking and reporting tips and tools
        • Best Practices for team collaboration to keep the conversation current and the team informed
        • Working remotely & using online notebooks
        • Reference materials and access to experts


          Week Six: Lone Wolf or Team Leader? 

          • Considerations of benefits and challenges when working on your own vs working with a pool of resources
          • Reasons to build a team
          • Scaling up! There are many ways to do it.
          • Human resources management & payroll (Guest Speaker)


          Week Seven: Insurance is Key 

          • Have you considered business insurance? What about services insurance and other categories?
          • Discover types of insurance your practice may need for the services and/or products you offer
          • Understand the limitations with insurance and how to keep your coverage current
          • Insurance Pros and Pitfalls – avoid liabilities (Guest Speaker)

            Week Eight: Tax – Make Your Money Work for You 

            • Understand your tax obligations across Personal, Corporate and GST remittances
            • Discover your preferred method for paying yourself and understand the tax impacts of Salary vs Dividends
            • Be confident you understand your responsibilities for payroll taxes
            • Discover ways to make your money work harder for you with some insights to Tax Planning
            • Guest Speaker (Tax Planning) 


            Week Nine: Being Strategic and Setting Targets 

            • Why you need a strategy and how to develop it
            • Why its important to set goals and measurable targets.
            • Monitoring progress and adjusting along the way
            • How to maintain control and stick to the plan when everything seems to be going wrong


              Week Ten: Lessons Learned and Ongoing Coaching 

              • First things first – taking care of you
              • Partnerships vs competition – it’s a matter of mindset
              • Work life balance – there has to be one and we all find this a challenge
              • Celebrate success to stay positive and remind yourself and your team about your achievements
              • Stay in touch – ongoing coaching


                Week Eleven: Coaching for Leaders 

                • Leadership – it takes work to continue to develop as a leader
                • Work Life Balance Coaching to stay healthy
                • Believing in your journey
                • Guest Speaker – Leadership Coach


                Week Twelve: Wrap Up 

                • Learnings over the last 12 weeks
                • Key takeaways and materials to reference
                • Staying in touch for ongoing coaching


                Instructor Information 

                Cynthia Giles, President & CEO Capstone Project Solutions

                Tracey Gant, President Grey Horse Consulting



                Course Information 

                Course Name: Astonishing Consulting Careers Master Class 

                Required Text/Materials: None  

                Date: January 10, 2022 – March 31, 2022 

                Time: Tuesdays 3:30pm – 7:30pm AST OR Thursdays 4:30pm – 8:30pm AST 

                Location: Virtual Classroom (details to be provided in student welcome package) 

                Cost: $1,899 CDN per person 

                Class Capacity – 8 students